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Zombie Awareness Month

So, it would appear it’s Zombie Awareness Month! What does mean to the not-so-average Joe like me? A thousand thoughts entered my head. Do we look after our ‘house’ zombies? Do we care for them a little more? Do we leave some meat out for the strays? Do we capture, neuter and return them to the wild? What about charity fund raisers? It would certainly make adverts more interesting on terrestrial t.v. and YouTube (and other media channels)

In Rock’n’Rebel’s early days we did a zombie and victim photo shoot and it had to be one of the most amazing and fun shoots we’ve ever done. There was fake blood everywhere after the shoot. It was up the walls, doors, windows, on the models, over the backdrop and it even got as far as going in my back garden. It looked like a b-movie set and it was fantastic! I think we need to do another zombie shoot and get the original gang back in to do it!!

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